2. Using the Arts to achieve social impact

This training material aims to draw the trainees` attention to the potential of the art (its forms and products) to: 

  • serve as a means for communication; 
  • influence people`s perceptions, aspirations and behavior; 
  • set questions and prompts the individuals to seek their answer even through self-improvement.

The topic introduces and justifies the notion `visual rhetoric` by opposing its stilistic figures and tropes to those from the oral one. Thus, it reaffirms the potential of the art to serve as a mean for sending messages, prepositions and arguments and thus - to influence the human emotion and mind. 

Through a critical review of popular characters, cartoons and advertisements, the docment demonstrates the visaul arts impact for expressive, memorable transmission of messages with social and cohesion context and formation of sustainable attitudes. 


Authors: Eszter Deli – Gabriella Németh
Editors: Janka Barkóczi, Gabriella Uhl and György Túry (Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary)